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Over My Dead Body; Or, How to Distribute Generational Wealth

The Athenaeum Center

2936 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL

November 3 - December 4

(No shows Thanksgiving Weekend)

Our mentor, and world-renowned Maestro, Antonio Fava will be directing one of his last Commedia dell'Arte shows. And we are the cast!

Tomorrow is the wedding of Flaminia and Fulgenzio, but that can wait - today is Pantalone’s birthday. His family and friends plan a surprise to celebrate, only Pantalone mistakes their actions as a plot to kill him! He decides to fake his own death and leave everything to himself... but his family and friends have other ideas. Hijinks ensue, lovers quarrel and reconcile, and strangers wander into the sitting room but it all ends happily ever after.

Tickets available online now.

For more information, please see the Advance Program.

Laughing Stock at Home

Your screen, your time, your laughs

Announcing our brand new streaming service. Shows will upload some time after we manage to film them. The Masquerade; Or, Love is Queer to Stay is already live!

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Commedia dell'Arte
for the 21st Century

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The majority of our programming is Pay-What-You-Can, which means we rely on additional support through your contributions to make our shows the best they can be and continue offering them at the low price of whatever audience members can afford. Eventually we want to make our education programming Pay-What-You-Can as well.


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Laughing Stock Theatre creates and performs substantive, high-quality Commedia dell’Arte that spectacularizes the mundane and delights our audiences

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