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The majority of our programming is Pay-What-You-Can, which means we rely on additional support through your contributions to make our shows the best they can be and continue offering them at the low price of whatever audience members can afford. Eventually we want to make our education programming Pay-What-You-Can as well. Support us by gifting at Venmo (@laughingstockchicago), or on Ko-Fi. Additionally, we now have merchandise available at Spreadshop.


Upcoming Events

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Commedia in the Parks: BirdCoin!

Ridgeville Park: August 16, 17, 23, 24

Laughing Stock Theatre is fully vaccinated, and ready to spread Joy and Commedia across Chicago! Coming to an outdoor space near you.

Bring a blanket, some snacks, and some tip money, and we'll put on a hilarious night of entertainment.

July-August 2022; Also available for private bookings


Antonio Fava Directs Laughing Stock

November 3-December 4, 2022

Our mentor Antonio Fava will be directing his second to last commedia dell'arte show. And we are the cast! More information soon!

To support this endeavor, please consider a donation at

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Our Mission

Making Commedia dell'Arte Accessible

Laughing Stock Theatre creates and performs substantive, high-quality Commedia dell’Arte that spectacularizes the mundane and delights our audiences

Did you know__Commedia dell’Arte is prob

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