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Our brand new streaming service!

Did you miss a show? Want to see it again? We know theatre doesn't translate perfectly to the screen, but we know we have fans all over the globe so we have begun creating high quality recordings of our shows. Follow the links below to rent or buy a digital recording of one or more of our shows!

Masquerade Square.png

Flaminio and Lelio are in love. Pantalona intends on marrying Lelio's stepmother, Lelio's stepmother intends on marrying Flaminio. A stranger arrives in town and Pantalona sees an opportunity to wed him to her son to allow her to marry Rosaura. Miscommunication, misdirection, accidents result in a Masquerade ball where tempers flare and a fight occurs! All will be resolved.

Tomorrow is the wedding of Flaminia and Fulgenzio, but that can wait - today is Pantalone’s birthday. His family and friends plan a surprise to celebrate, only Pantalone mistakes their actions as a plot to kill him! He decides to fake his own death and leave everything to himself... but his family and friends have other ideas. Hijinks ensue, lovers quarrel and reconcile, and strangers wander into the sitting room but it all ends happily ever after.

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