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Dottore's Lab; Or, The One Where They Plot a Heist

Debuted November 1st, 2019 at Voice of the City

Dottore Graziano, a newly retired lawyer/tinker, with the help of his lab assistant, Burratino, has invented something wonderful, a panacea, a cure-all. His friend and colleague, Pantalone, owner of a small pharmaceutical company, hears rumor of this panacea and orders his employees, Scapino, Agnellina, and Gramigna to "retrieve" it from Dottore's laboratory. Hilarity ensues in this 90ish minute Chicago-Style Commedia dell'Arte show.

Directed by Martin Downs Featuring: Aaron Quick as Burratino Claire Hart Proepper as Agnellina JR Rubin as Pantalone Abbraccio Martin Downs as Scapino Shea Lee as Gramigna Steven Yandell as Dottore Graziano, Capitano ecc., and Leandro



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