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Finding Hortensio; Or, Love in the Time of Capitalism

Debuted June 13th, 2019 at the City Lit Theater

Dottore sends his son Hortensio off to find a job. However, Hortensio has other plans. He is a YouTube personality who dreams of stardom. After finding fame with the “help” of Brighella and Burratino, he longs to share his success with someone special. Can his father's intern Arlecchino find him the one? Only if he doesn't get distracted by Isabella's personal assistant Colombina. Meanwhile Pantalone and his personal assistant Pedrolina deal with his impending death.

Hilarity and drama ensue in this two hour, ensemble devised Commedia dell’Arte show featuring classical characters thrown into the modern world.

Directed by Claire Hart Proepper

Starring: Jeffrey “JR” Rubin Claire Hart Proepper Martin Downs Shea Lee Steven Yandell Aaron Quick Niky Crawford Sarah Shoemaker Emil Sueck

Kelsey McHugh



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