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Education Opportunities

Want to learn more about Commedia Dell'Arte? In addition to booking on of our Workshops, you can also take a class directly hosted by us! We offer a tiered class structure starting with Commedia 101 - move through the different levels to explore everything this zany art form has to offer! Each session will build on the next, so make sure you've taken each step before applying for the next.

Have you already worked with Commedia in the past? We strongly suggest starting with the 101 so you can learn our Chicago Style, but you can also reach out about opportunities to skip ahead.

Commedia 101
- A Survey -

The goal of this class is to provide students with a broad overview of Commedia Dell’Arte, and a grasp of basic concepts such as maskwork, characters, and historical significance. Students will walk away with an understanding of how Commedia functions and how it can influence their work in other forms of theatre.

Commedia 101.jpg

Commedia 201
- Maskwork with Zanni -

The goal of this class is to examine the physical principles of Commeia Dell’Arte and mask work through the lens of Zanni. Students will walk away with an advanced knowledge of multiple Zanni mannerisms and how they function within a Commedia performance.


Commedia 201
- A Full Cast -

Coming Soon


Commedia 301
- My First Canovaccio -

Coming Soon

Large Theatre

Commedia 401
- Special Topics -

Coming Soon

Beautiful old theatre
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